Fried Mutton/Lamb Chops, EID Special Recipe – Dubai Kitchen

These Fried Mutton Chops are a MUST this Eid- Ul-Adha!

Make Fried Mutton Chops this eid made at dwelling very simply, fast and easy recipe at dwelling in HD/HQ given in urdu/hindi with english Captions/Subtitles

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-Mutton Chops 1kg
-Crimson Chili Pepper 1tbsp
-Salt 1tbsp
-Lemon Juice 2tbsp
-Ginger Garlic Paste 2tbsp
-Yogurt 2tbsp
-Black Pepper 1tsp
-White Pepper 1tsp
-Nutmeg Powder 1tsp
-Cumin Powder 1tsp
-Cardamom Powder 1tsp
-Egg 1
-Flour As Required
-Black Pepper As Required

-Add All of the masalas within the Mutton Chops
-Combine it
-Add 1tbsp Oil and Prepare dinner until the water dries up
-Add 1 Egg within the chops and add Flour Progressively
-Fry the Chops

Recipe By Dubai Kitchen

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