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Sketches Of The Truthful Intercourse ANONYMOUS ( – )
Sketches of the honest intercourse, in all elements of the world. To that are added guidelines for figuring out the exact determine, the diploma of magnificence, the habits, and the age of girls, however the aids and disguise of gown. It’s our design to current a delightful and attention-grabbing miscellany, which is able to serve to beguile the leisure hour, and can on the identical time couple instruction with amusement. Now we have used however little methodology within the association: Selecting quite to furnish the reader with a wealthy profusion of narratives and anecdotes, all tending as an instance the FEMALE CHARACTER, to show its delicacy, its sweetness, its mild or typically heroic virtues, its amiable weaknesses, and unusual defects—than to aim an correct evaluation of the toughest topic man ever tried to grasp, viz—WOMAN. (Abstract from the guide)
Style(s): Humorous Fiction, *Non-fiction, Psychology

zero:20 | 1. Within the following pages. The primary girl and her antediluvian descendants. Girl within the patriarchal ages. Ladies of historical Egypt. Fashionable Egyptian ladies. Persian ladies.
17:02 | 2. Grecian ladies. Grecian courtesans.
23:50 | three. Roman ladies. Legal guidelines and customs respecting the roman ladies.
37:44 | four. Ladies in savage life. Jap ladies.
50:40 | 5. Chinese language girl. African ladies.
58:36 | 6. Nice enterprises of girls within the occasions of chivalry. Different particulars respecting females throughout the age of chivalry.
1:11:54 | 7. French ladies. Italian ladies.
1:22:24 | eight. Spanish ladies. English ladies. Russian ladies.
1:34:42 | 9. The concept of feminine inferiority. Feminine simplicity.
1:52:19 | 10. The delicate magnanimity of girls. Feminine delicacy. Affect of feminine society.
2:11:53 | 11. Monastic life. Levels of sentimental attachment at totally different durations.
2:28:24 | 12. German ladies. A view of matrimony in three totally different lights. Betrothing and marriage.
2:42:20 | 13. Feminine friendship.
2:48:49 | 14. On the selection of a husband.
three:09:35 | 15. A letter to a brand new married man. Garrick’s recommendation to married women.
three:19:08 | 16. Origin of nunneries. Description of the good convent at Ajuda in Rio Janerio. Ceremony of the initiation of a nun.
three:28:22 | 17. Wedded love is infinitely preferable to selection. Italian debauchery. Bare fakiers. Mahometan plurality of wives.
three:39:26 | 18. Ladies of otaheite. Crim. Con. Of Claudius and Pompeii. A phrase to a really good class of girls.
three:49:00 | 19. Customized within the moghul empire. Customized of the muscovites. Sale of kids to buy wives. Polygamy and concubinage. Eunuchs. Women bought at public sale. Sale of a spouse.
four:05:04 | 20. Punishment of adultery. Anecdote of cæsar. Energy of marrying.
four:13:04 | 21. Celibacy of clergy. Determined act of euthira.
four:19:56 | 22. Luxurious gown of Grecian women. Grecian courtship.
four:26:05 | 23. Energy of philters and charms. Jap courtship. Lengthy hair of saxons and danes.
four:33:11 | 24. St. Valentine’s day. Courts of affection. Immodesty at Babylon. Indecency at Adrianople.
four:41:12 | 25. Historic Swedish courtship. Lapland and Greenland woman.
four:46:57 | 26. Schooling of girls in Asia and Africa. Spiritual festivals of the Greeks. The deaths of Lucretia and Virginia. On wanting on the image of a lovely feminine.
four:59:06 | 27. Artwork of figuring out the exact determine, the diploma of magnificence, the habits, and the age, of girls, however the aids and disguises of gown.
5:18:46 | 28. The best of feminine magnificence; or an outline of the well-known statue of the Venus de Medici. The primary kiss of affection. The demise of Cleopatra.
5:35:39 | 29. An essay on matrimony (half 1).
5:51:52 | 30. An essay on matrimony (half 2).

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