Bulk Transformation Skinny 16 Year Old Insane 1 Year Body Transfo…

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Bulk Transformation Skinny 16 Yr Previous Insane 1 Yr Physique Transformation!! 5 Physique Transformation

Dumb-bell Aspect Laterals Positioned Cable Aspect Laterals Seated Dumbbell Facet Laterals

Tricep Pressdown One-Arm Reverse Pressdown Decline Dumbbell Head Crushers Flat Dope Cranium Crushers EZ-Bar Cranium Crushers Shut-Grip Bench Press Slender-Grip Dips
One-Arm Overhead Clod Extension Overhead EZ-Bar Extension Overhead Cable connection Extension Overhead Piece of string Extension

Straight Cedar Swiss Ball Cedar plank

Exercise C — Again, Shoulders (Rear), Biceps

Train # Of Units Consultant Vary
Barbell Deadlift three : four 5 speedy 7
Overhand Pull up three – 5 5 – 6
One-Arm Dumbbell Line three – 5 5 – six
Face Pull just a few eight – twelve
Shoulders (Rear Head)
Rear Lateral Wire Increase three 6 – 10
Barbell Curl a number of 5 – 14
Alternating ………

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