Beef Pepper Fry – Indian Style Recipe

It is a fast, protein wealthy snack dish known as Beef Pepper Fry. It’s cooked in Indian model. Opposite to fashionable perception and what present Indian politics would make you imagine, beef has been consumed by hundreds of thousands of Indians for hundreds of years. I do not imagine that the non-consumption of beef or different meat dishes makes an individual morally superior to others or provides such individuals the suitable to criticize the consumption habits of those that do. I’ve uploaded this recipe to point out my solidarity with all beef eaters in India or overseas. I’m a Hindu my self and I apologize for the slender mindedness, bigotry and senselessness of the so known as ‘gau-rakshaks’ and their senseless violence. I imagine it ought to be condemned by every one, regardless of whether or not they’re vegetarians, eggitarians, pescatarians, non-vegetarians or omnivores like me. Check out the recipe and revel in!

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