Italian Style Chicken Vegetable Stew Recipe – Super Easy

Italian Fashion Rooster Vegetable Stew Recipe – Tremendous Simple
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Beneath are just a few Italian meals phrases with English translations.
Zafferano: saffron Zampone: sausage-stuffed pig’s foot Zenzero: ginger Zeppole: a fried pastry Verdure: inexperienced greens Vitello: veal (calf)Vongole: clams Taralli: spherical candy or savory biscuits Tonno: tuna Torrone: nougat-type sweet Torta: tart Salso: salt Saltari: sauteed Salumi: collective identify for salami and comparable cured meats Salvia: sage Sambuca: a colorless liqueur created from anise San Giuseppe: Saint Joseph Sarde: sardines Scaloppine: thinly sliced meat Sedani: celery Ragu: meat sauce for pasta Rapini: one other identify for broccoli rabe Ribollita: Tuscan bread and vegetable soup Ricotta: a contemporary, delicate cheese Ripieni: stuffed Riso: rice Risotto: rice cooked and stirred with broth till creamy Rollatini: small stuffed meat rolls, typically in a sauce Romano: a tough Pecorino cheese Rosmarino: rosemary
Rustico: country-style Pecorino: sheep’s milk cheese Peperoncini: dried crimson chiles Pesto: a sauce from mashed components, often basil Piccante: spicy
Pignoli: pine nuts Piselli: peas Pizelle: embossed wafer cookies Pizza Dolce: cake or candy bread Polenta: a sort of cornmeal Polipi: octopus Pollo: rooster Polpette: meatballs Pomodori: tomatoes Porchetta: entire roast pig cooked with herbs and garlic Porcini: meaty wild mushrooms Primavera: springtime Prosciutto: salt-cured, air-dried pork Provolone: a straw-white cheese, typically smoked Olio: oil Olio di oliva: olive oil Origano: oregano
Orzo: small, seed-shaped pasta Ostriche: oysters Manzo: beef Marinara: a plain tomato sauce Marinare: to marinate Marsala: a wealthy brown fortified wine Mascarpone: creamy, gentle, delicate cheese Melanzane: eggplant Minestra: soup (often thick) Minestrina: skinny soup Minestrone: thick combined vegetable soup Mortadella: a big cured and spiced pork sausage Mosto Cotto: grape juice cooked to kind a thick darkish syrup Mozzarella: a pure white gentle cheese
Lauro: bayleaf Lenticchie: lentils Limone: lemon Gamberetti: shrimp
Gardiniera: combined pickled greens Garofani: cloves Gnocchi: dumplings eaten with a sauce or in broth Grana Padano: a cow’s milk laborious cheese
Granchio: crab Grappa: liqueur created from the should of grapes Griglia: grill Grissini: breadsticks Fagioli: beans Farcita: stuffing or filling Farro: an historic grain just like spelt Fegato: liver Festa: vacation Fico: fig Filetto: fillet Finocchio: fennel Focaccia: flatbread served plain or with varied toppings Formaggio: cheese Fra diavolo: actually ‘of the satan’ Fragole: strawberries Frittata: an open-faced omelet Frittelle: fritters Fritto: fried
Frutta: fruit Frutti di mare: seafood Funghi: mushrooms

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