30 Mins Dance Fitness Workout for weight loss #5 | Giảm mỡ bụng s…

30 Minutes Dance Health Exercise for weight reduction #5| Giảm mỡ bụng siêu tốc với bài nhảy Zumba 30 phút

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PLAYLIST on this full exercise:

1. KEEP YOU HOT 2 – DJ.FRANCIS . Zumba heat up: http://bit.ly/ZumbaWarmup
2. DESPACITO REMIX – LUIS FONSI, DADDY YANKEE, JUSTIN BIEBER- Cumbia Pop: http://bit.ly/DespacitoMichelleVo
three.VELOCIDAD 6 – ANDREA STELLA ( ZUMBA COVER) – Merengue: http://bit.ly/Velocidad6
four. BAILA CONMIGO – JUAN MAGAN ft. LUCIANA (ZUMBA COVER) – Moomba Lure: http://bit.ly/BailaConmigoMichelleVo
5. ATTENTION – CHARLIE PUTH – Pop: http://bit.ly/AttentionMichelleVo
6. SABADO REBELDE – DAMN FROG Ft. DADDY YANKEE, PLAN B – Lure Remix: http://bit.ly/SabadoRebeldeMichelle
7. DEJA VU – PRINCE ROY, SHAKIRA – Bachata: http://bit.ly/DEJAVUMichelle

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* One thing about me!

“Motion is a medication for creating change in an individual’s bodily, emotional, and psychological states.” – Carol Welch
I believes that folks can empower themselves via train to have the ability to dwell a wholesome and extremely useful life, they simply want somebody exhibiting and assist them to achieve their goalthats why I’m right here to do my mission !!!

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