Americana Gourmet Burger Recipe: Seeded Brioche Bun

‘Prime That’ gourmand burger with an Americana bun! Uncover our Gourmand Bun Matrix and discover the best Americana burger bun to high your gourmand burger:

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The Chilli Hen & Avocado Burger ‘topped’ with an Americana Seeded Brioche Bun!

The Chilli Hen & Avocado Burger Recipe:
1. Thaw your Americana Seeded Brioche Bun
2. In a bowl add mayo, Sriracha chilli sauce, lemon juice and soy sauce and blend till clean
three. Grill your rooster breasts till absolutely cooked
four. Construct your burger:
– Americana Seeded Brioche Bun base
– Add lettuce
– Add sliced beef tomato
– Add frilled rooster breast
– Add sliced avocado
– Add onion – use pink onion for further flavour and color
– Add Sriracha mayo
– Add grilled bacon rashers
– #TopThat with an Americana Seeded Brioche Bun lid!

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