Avocado, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and Chicken Salad | Chicken Reci…

Avocado Salad tossed with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes and a dressing of honey with olive and mustard sauce, salad does not get nutritious than this while you add crimson onions, crimson head lettuce, inexperienced lettuce, crimson cabbage, English cucumber and the star of the recipe honey glazed rooster salad.

for Brining the Rooster

Bowl of Chilly Water
01 tsp Sugar
1/four tsp Salt
02 Rooster Breasts

for Rooster Marination

half cup Olive Oil
01 cup Honey
01 tbl Spoon dJohn’s Mustard
01 Cup Entire Grain Mustard
01 tsp Salt
1/four tsp Pepper
02 tbl Spoons Olive Oil (for Shallow Frying Rooster)
250 gms Cherry Tomatoes
02 cloves of Garlic
1/four Cup Dill Leaves
01 tsp Sugar
02 English Cucumber
half Purple Cabbage
01 Purple Onion
01 Avocado
01 Bunch of lo lo (Purple Head Lettuce)
01 Bunch of Sim Sim (Inexperienced Head Lettuce)

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