Spiritual Awakening – (10 – Signs You’re Going Through One NOW)

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Having a spiritual awakening is just about the most crazy, profound, and positive experience a human being can go through.

The degree of positive change that ensues as a result of going through the spiritual awakening process is beyond words.

The outcome = a totally transformed person.

The spiritual awakening process, itself however is quite daunting, confusing, and down right challenging…

Especially! – if you don’t know you’re going through it.

I didn’t.

I found myself experiencing all of these awakening type symptoms and pretty much freaked out.

I went to doctors, psychologists, and make some pretty big mistakes along the way.

Once however, I FINALLY stumbled upon some information that helped illuminate me to what was actually going on, everything changed.

I had hope… I was equipped with knowledge… and my experience shifted dramatically.

The issue was that I had to dig pretty deep to come into this kind of information. It’s not exactly readily available.

I don’t know about you, but nobody forewarned me that a spiritual awakening process was something to keep an eye out for!

At the time, NOBODY I knew shared my strange signs and symptoms and it was really tough.

I made this video and my entire youtube channel as a source of guidance, information, and HOPE for all of the lost souls out there experiencing this spiritual awakening, with nowhere to turn.

You can turn here.

You are welcome here and will not be judged.


My name is Victor Oddo, and I have dedicated my life to helping others navigate their spiritual awakening.

I would love it if you join my youtube channel and participate in the comments. There you will find an abundance of other people just like you.

Together we can all awaken and do some good here in this world that is in desperate need.


Talk soon,


Your pal,


PS. if this video helped you, please feel free to share it with anyone you suspect may also be going through a spiritual awakening.

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