60 Mins CRAZY Fast and Furious Dance Workout for weight loss | …

👙👙👙💪👙💪 60 Minutes CRAZY Quick and Livid dance exercise for weight reduction | Burn 750 Energy | Fats Burning Full Physique Exercise |Michelle Vo

Oops, my unhealthy! Really it is solely 15 songs as a result of if I add on 1 extra, I and also you could be go out!!!!😂😝😅😂😂

PLAYLIST on this full exercise:

1. Meneo – Fito Blanko ft J Alvarez: http://bit.ly/Meneomichelle
2. How unhealthy would you like it (Remix) – Sevyn Streeter: http://bit.ly/Howbaddoyouwantit
three. Get low – Dilllon Francis vs DJ Snake: http://bit.ly/getlowmichelle
four. Me Entere – Daddy Yankee ft.Tito El Bambino: http://bit.ly/meenterMichelle
5. G.D.F.R – Florida (Dj MVP remix HardTech): http://bit.ly/FloridaMichelle
6. La Habana – Pinto “Wahin” & Dj Ricky Luna ft. El Taigerex: http://bit.ly/LaHabanamichelle
7. Digital Diva – Don Omar (Diego Step remix): http://bit.ly/VirtualDiva
eight. Go onerous or go house – Wiz Khalifa (Riico Entice remix): http://bit.ly/GoHardorGoHomeMichelle
9. Hay Ma – Pitbull & J Balvin ft. Camila Cabello: http://bit.ly/HEYMA
10. Flip down for what – Dj Snake & Lil Jon (Onderkoffer remix): http://bit.ly/TurnDownforWhatMichelle
11. Ay Vamos – J Balvin: http://bit.ly/AyVamosMichelle
12. Greenlight – Pitbull ft. Florida, LunchMoney Lewis: http://bit.ly/GreenlightMichelle
13. My angel – Prince Royce: http://bit.ly/MyAngelMichelle
14. Good life – G-Eazy & Kehlani: http://bit.ly/GoodLifeMichelle
15. See you once more – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth: http://bit.ly/SeeYouAgainMichelle

30 Minutes Dance Health Exercise for weight reduction #2 | 30 phút EO THON MÔNG CONG | Fats Burning Exercise

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